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Transparent Language Online by Byki
 Initial registration must be done at the Hurlburt Field Library. 


Defense Language Institute
Numerous language and cultural modules.  Select the language of choice and launch course or download to PC, iPod or iTouch

AF Language Center
Air Force Language, Region & Culture Program

Special Operations Forces Teletraining System (SOFTS)

Joint LanguageUniversity

Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency

Foreign Service Institute
Foreign Service Institute (FSI)

Download over 190 foreign language study to your PC or portable device.  Available in many formats

Multilingual Books (Radio)
Foreign Language Internet Radio


Multilingual Books (Video)
Foreign language Internet Television and Online Video

Allows you to search specific languages or countries.  Use Google preference to set the interface in your chosen language and visit the Google home page in domains of various countries

Resources for K-12 teachers including lesson plans, interactive games, classroom activities, multilingual children's books and coloring pages, picture dictionaries and tons of Web links

Medical Spanish
Spanish courses, dictionary, vocabulary, cultural topic, anatomical illustrations, patient teaching aids, etc. for health care workers.  Apps available through iTunes

Online dictionaries, courses, translation services, translating chat, foreign language chat



International Newspapers


Podcast Directory
Find a foreign language podcast.  You can search by language or country

A compilation of links to free language lessons, podcasts, courses, audio & video files, study guides and other learning materials

70+ Online Language Communities and Resources.  A gateway to social networking sites for foreign language learners 

My Language Exchange
Find a partner online and practice your second language with a native speaker.  From over 133 countries speaking 115 languages.  Most sites services are free
Downloads, newsletter, tutors, online classes, news in 33 languages, etc
Online dictionaries, courses, translation services, translating chat, foreign language chat

Lessons in various languages

Word Champ
The Language Learning Network

Fun way to earn points and learn a new language

Library PressDisplay
English and Foreign language newspapers and magazines from around the world.  Instant translation, table of content, full-color images, and full-page format of over 400 U.S. and International titles.  Available only in the library and military network. 

CIA World Factbook
The World Factbook


Easy-to-use educational tool for understanding people and cultures around the world.   Experience the world with hundreds of exciting images. 

eDiplomat- Cultural etiquette around the world

Executive Planet

Culture Guides for the International Traveler. Very helpful for PCS or TDY needs.  Includes guides to public behavior, gift giving, entertaining, unacceptable topics of conversation and more.


Free and easy to use resources include online tutorial, dictionary, vocabulary builder, lesson plans, writing guide, learning material and much more.

Are you PCSing? Know before you go.  Click here